Welcome! My name is Nera. I’m a freelance singer, vocal coach and writer. I think I have only one purpose in life, that is to tell stories. The medium isn’t important. Here you can find information about singing, life and other small matters that matters.

I was born in Transylvania some years ago. Of course I am a vampire…No, but I do have a thing for vampire movies and literature. Yes, I did read the Twilight series, so what?!

I moved to Finland when I was 12. Me and my mom came here with two suitcases. I didn’t speak the language and I can’t say that the first years were easy. Got some scars on the inside to remind me of that time. Nonetheless, I still think that moving to Finland was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I have a Master’s degree in Film Screenwriting. I have two feature films hidden away in my drawer and many other small films. Maybe a few rewrites are needed…

I started singing poorly as a kid. Listened to the radio and sang along with Madonna. In every choir that I attended, I was always put to the alto section, although I’m a soprano. I was always annoyed because I knew there was more to my singing, meaning I was sure that I had more than a fifth of range. I can’t remember when I decided to pursue this singing “thing” more actively, maybe it was by chance. I’ve been studying singing for years with different teachers in various different countries and I’m always hungry for more knowledge. I perform whenever and wherever I can with various accompaniment. I have a duo, a cover band and you could’ve seen me busking around Europe too.

Besides performing I also teach. If you are interested in having a voice lesson, please contact me:

Beside singing I’m passionate about knitting, maybe you could say that I’m a knit-aholic. Will work for yarn! I also love snowboarding. Not only because I live in Finland. I wanted to learn since a pretty young age. Very few things can actually compete with riding the powdery snow in Japan.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy my site!



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