Monthly Archive: October 2014

Today I feel like not doing anything…

No wait, that was on Saturday. I woke up with a sore throat and just wanted to stay in bed for the rest of the day. So I cancelled the rehearsal and thought about ways of getting rid of the germ that is lurking inside me…

It’s already fall, October to be more specific. That means the climate is getting cooler and it affects us whether we like it or not. I certainly notice that I feel different now than in the summer months. Funny thing is I usually get sick during summer, actually in August, although this year I got sick two months earlier and I’m still recovering from that. đŸ˜€

Why not try and prevent ourselves from getting sick?

Once the temperature on the outside gets even colder, you and I, along with everybody else will put on the heating. That means the air will dry. That means your vocal folds will feel dry and you will find singing more difficult. I suggest to either buy a humidifier or do just the old fashioned steam inhalation thing. Boil some water, maybe add a few drops of Carmolis into it and inhale.  Steeeeeeeam, steam, steam, steam.

Another good idea is to rinse your sinuses. It sounds terrible, but it’s feels actually quite nice. You can use this for allergies too. You will need this silly looking jug and seasalt (pure fine sea salt). I use this thing called rhinoceros in Finnish:


You can buy one from here:

Then to keep your mouth moist, you can try this:


Sold here:

Or if you happen to be in the States, this:



I haven’t tried it, forgot to buy any last time. You can find more info about the product here:

And well eat your blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries and yes your vegetables! Wear wool socks, dress according to the weather. Allow your body to acclimatise when moving from one place to another. Drink enough water. Wash your hands. Be in shape, get off your chair and dance for a few minutes if you really don’t feel like heading to the gym. Lastly, if you don’t have any blueberries or lingonberries, you hate vegetables, then buy some vitamin C in a jar.  There is some contradicting information whether it actually helps or not. Maybe it helps if you think it helps. đŸ˜€

The point is to try and do everything in your power to avoid getting sick. Yes, you can sing when you are sick, but that’s another topic. And anyway, who likes being sick? So eat you vegetables and have fun singing!