Monthly Archive: February 2015

Today is a gift

The other day I got asked by a 5 year old if I have Frozen in there. In there meaning amongst my handwritten chord sheets that were lying around while I was playing. Unfortunately I had to say no. But it’s okay, she seemed happy enough, she sat around for another few songs, we chatted a bit. I asked her if she sings or would want to sing with me and where is she from. All this happened while the rest of the audience was 10 feet away or more too busy looking at their smart phones and drinking their lattes. That’s okay. I know some of them actually listen. But his little girl sat right in front of me and watched me.

Now I could’ve been bothered by that but wasn’t. I just find kids enchanting. Or maybe not kids, but their reaction to music. They actually listen. So far I’ve been recorded on a kids phone, got some tips too and what else? Can’t remember. So I wondered what is the lesson here? What can I learn from this 5 year old? Simple enough. To be present and watch. There is really no tomorrow and no yesterday. Easier said than done, right?

There are millions of books about how to learn to be present. What I think they are really trying to teach you is how to clear your mind. By all means try to meditate for 15 seconds. Yes, just 15 seconds. How much chatter you hear? I’m guessing a lot. Don’t feel bad, I can’t make it stop for 15 seconds either, still working on it.

I guess that’s why I like music, no, not just music, but singing in particularly. I can stop the chatter and just sing. Call it flow or what ever you want, it is simply being present in the moment. But even with singing it’s not always happening. Sometimes I catch myself singing the lyrics and thinking about something completely different like will it snow tomorrow or what the heck will I do when I grow up. 😀 But that’s okay.

Once I realised that I am not my thoughts nor my feelings, my life changed. For the better? I have no idea. I stopped judging it. It really is what it is and the only difference is how clear or lost are you in yourself or what you think is yourself. Yeah, there are a lot of gurus out there who can explain this better.

Why not just try and let go of some ideas that you created or the world created for you about yourself. I know it’s hard. I mean how can you let go of something that you held on to for so many years, what will become of you? I dare you to take a look.

Be curious, act funny. You know there is nothing to really be embarrassed about. Stop being so serious about yourself, it’s pointless. It’s all in your head. So have fun for Pete’s sake(as the English would say) and do something out of your “ordinary” self.



P.S. Okay, if you want meditation, here it is: