Find your inner voice workshops

It is scientifically proven that singing benefits you on many levels, yet not all of us sing- Why?

Here are just a few things of how singing will benefit your life:

  • Singing improves emotional wellbeing and happiness
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you focus better
  • It is a natural pain relief

Have you ever been told not to sing? Or have you been traumatised by someone telling you you can’t sing and you should stop trying? Would you like to join me on a journey to find your own voice and the joy of singing again? Do you just want to improve your karaoke skills? Or would you just like to know more about singing?

Everybody is able to sing and singing is accessible to pretty much anyone. My job is to help you realise that singing takes practice just like everything else. In the workshop we focus on opening the locks of your mind and body with different vocalising exercises. We talk about technique a tiny bit, but mainly we will sing and put the technique into action right away. Our main focus is on finding your own voice.

In this workshop you’ll learn or you’ll get:

  • Exercises that will improve your voice
  • Individual guidance on what you should focus on improving at this point
  • Get over the fear of singing
  • Introduction to improvisation

Come and join us, get rid of old beliefs that are no use to you anymore and have fun! Let your voice be heard!

Workshops organised on demand around the world. Teaching language English, Finnish or Hungarian.

Questions and sign up at:

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